If you’re looking for simple ways to keep you and your family in a happy place mentally and physically, you just might have everything that you need right inside your home.  As many of us are yet again, confirmed to our homes, it’s important to not let our self care reduce.  In fact, we need to ensure that its on the increase; both for ourselves as well as for our children.

Too many people tend to think that they have to go outside and explore to be able to find the peace and happiness that they’re looking for. And while the outdoors certainly is a refreshing way to blow those cowboys away, this just isn’t the truth. You have many ways to increase your happiness right in your own home.

Bring in some joy with these indoor activities:


  1. Read a good book. A good book can transform your thoughts into another world.  Sometimes both we and children need a form of escapism. When you find a book that has you hooked from the very first page, you just know that it’s a special read.
    • Allow yourself to get caught up in the words and discover a world that you never knew existed.  And encourage ‘reading’ time whilst at home.  Whether thats snuggling down with a book before your childrens bed time, or allowing them to independently read, it’s a lovely way to reduce the hectic-ness that consumes us.
  1. Play a game. Card games and board games are simply the best. Neither option takes much effort and it’s always fun to challenge yourself or someone else inside your home to a good old game of War or Connect Four.
    • Allow yourself to have fun during the game. Avoid turning it into something overly competitive. Such competition can cause tempers and tensions to flare, as well as increase sibling rivalry.
  1. Start a fun hobby. There’s nothing like a new hobby to stimulate your brain, relax you, and show the world and yourself how much you matter. Find a hobby that looks fun to you and dive in.
    • The time that you spend on this hobby is all time that you’re taking just for you! Affirm how valuable you are by enjoying a new hobby!
    • If you choose a hobby in which you create things, you’ll also raise your self-esteem when you admire the items that you create. Plus, you get the joy of getting to use the items as well, or you could bring joy to yourself and others when you give them away.
    • Encourage your child to do this too.  Perhaps they have a love of puzzles they never knew about, or get the arts and crafts out as watch their creativity flare!
  1. Binge on your favorite show. Sometimes we all need to turn off our brains and turn on the TV. Settle in for a day of watching TV, movies, or just trying to learn the latest dance moves.
    • The easiest way to achieve self-care and to make it happen is to do some of the things that you love. You can easily see that with just a little bit of effort, your time at home can have a positive impact on your day.
  1. Bake some goodies. Do you consider yourself to be a foodie? Why not put your tummy front and center and spend a day baking up some of your favorite treats? The best part? You’ll get to enjoy the food!  Get the kids involved and focus on watching something form and take shape/
    • Drink your water and sprinkle in some other healthy options, too. Having a well-balanced diet is important for your overall mental, as well as physical, health

With the world being full of so many uncertainties, it’s a good time to take charge of the things that you do have control over. Finding indoor activities that bring you happiness isn’t a hard thing to accomplish at all. 

Fight the urge to leave your home and instead look at the room you’re currently in to see what you can find to do. Who knows, you just might find a way to reconnect with yourself and your home during this time. 

Indoor activities can be a great way to save your sanity and pass the time and we hope you enjoy some of the examples set out below.

Thanks for reading