The Christmas Holidays are upon us and for some parents, a long 2 weeks of trying to keep the children entertained looms ahead.  Whilst the children may receive some new toys over this time, us parents still need to consider how to keep the kids entertained well during the holidays especially if work still needs to be continued at home.  We wanted to share in our blog post some ways in which you can keep the kids entertained whilst at home over the next two weeks.  We hope that these ideas can relive some parents of thinking of ideas as well as encouraging some quality family time too!


-Get inventive in the kitchen.  If you have the correct ingredients, get cooking and make something fun!  If you don’t, just get mixing with random ingredients and make a ‘Troll’s pie or ‘Fairy’ cakes.  Our children love to get messy with just some flour and water!


Play hide and seek.  The thought of this game can be exhausting but this can be a lot of fun!


Get the board games out.  Take it in turns to pick one each and have a little competition as to who can win the most games.  Incorporate a  games night into your week – it’s a lovely time to get some quality family time in.


Involve technology.  If you have an Alexa or Google, play some of the games on offer such as guess the animal or take part in a children’s quiz.  Or, download some family games on to your phone such as Head’s up!


Play some music and get dancing!  Get the kids to make up a dance or a show.  Play musical statues or bumps.  It’s a great way to get the heart pumping and sneak in some exercise.


Make an assault course around the house.  Use pillows the children can jump on, crawl under tables or use props to create ladders, leap pads or slides!


Make a den!   Get some towels or sheets and use your sofa or dining table to make a den!  You’ll find that the kids will no doubt want to eat their lunch in there!


Speaking of lunch, get them involved in making their lunch and maybe get them to clear up too! (They might actually enjoy it!) Get them to build their own sandwiches or burgers!  Kids love to have control and they may surprise you and include the tomato!


-If the weather is kind, create your own sports day in the garden.  Get whatever props you can use (tennis rackets, cricket bats, footballs) and get inventive with races and mini games.


Make a scrap-book of your Christmas holidays.  If you have some photos printed, they can use these to make a memory book and stick in any memorabilia from their time their!


Hide the object.  We actually have the ‘Hide Peppa Pig’ game and when hidden she grunts and snorts to lead to where she it.  If you don’t have Peppa, then use any object!  You could start with a large object and each round, get the object to become smaller and smaller making the game harder as you move along.


– Organise a treasure hunt with clues around the home.  Include sweets or treats if you have them!


Get the arts and crafts out and make a family poster or picture by sticking several pieces of plain A4 Paper together to make it more exciting!  If you have a family event or celebration coming up for Janurary, get them to make their own cards or banner.

Make a model ‘aircraft’ or ‘spaceship’ using old cereal boxes, toilet rolls and milk bottles.  If you have paints, get them to paint it too!


Set up some toys in each of your children’s bedrooms.  It is nice to have some quiet play and if you have been spending a lot of time in the family area, they will be more likely to play independently in the rooms after, especially if their toys are out ready and waiting,


Go Geocaching. This is such a fun activity and whilst you cannot actually do it at home, you can do it within walking distance of you home, more likely your nearest park.  Download the app and follow the clues to find the hidden box where you can sign your name and leave a small item for the next person!


Have a costume parade with all the children’s dress up’s or have a fashion show!  You could even get the kids to dress and make you up (fun huh?!)


Make homemade play dough using water, flour and salt.  if you have food colouring, get the kids to mix up the colours!


-Finally, one of the last free activities to do with the kids on my list is to create a time capsule.  Get your children to write a letter, include a photo and maybe a little teddy or toy and bury it in the garden!  Don’t forget where you’ve buried it!

We hope you enjoy your Christmas Celebrations!

Thanks for reading!